Our team of highly trained and qualified professionals are well equipped to complete all forms of analysis for you and your business.
We can perform both quantitative and qualitative analysis to check for any cost leakages and highlight vulnerabilities within your organisation. Saving you the time and effort.
We perform Fundamental, Technical and Sentiment analysis so that you can continue with life and not worry about where to gather information for the best signals, Contact us to find out more


A team of qualified mathematics teachers, with experience of 20+ years have been so kind to provide FREE introductory lessons for Grade 11 and 12 students. 
We have subsidised all additional notes and videos at a fee of R50 a topic. We request that you select “Education” as the subject on the Contact Us page.
Provide us with your email and cellphone number so that you have access to our tutors for support on any questions that you might have. 


One of the biggest challenges facing the people of South Africa is Financial Literacy. We have teamed up with one of the biggest housing finance companies in South Africa for lower to middle income earners. Together, we have developed a masterclass that is suited for any individual that wants to be better at their finances.
We also offer an array of free templates that are constantly being produced and made available on our website. These templates include Microsoft Office packages, such as resumes, letters, presentations, or a business plan that includes financial statements and many other financial calculators.
If you require a tailored made model for you or your business, please contact us.


We have a diverse team of Chartered Accounts, Data Scientists and Statisticians, who are led by our Project Managers and Business Analysts, so that they may focus on what really matters for you and your business.
From completing your business and/or personal taxes, to drafting of financial documents, our CA’s have a wealth of experience. 
To the creation of surveys and the understanding of big data, our Data Scientists and Stats Gurus have a talent of presenting complex data and stats into simple and easy to understand dashboards 


The brand management process integrates together a perfect mix of modules including defining the brand, positioning the brand, and delivering the brand value constantly. A well-defined brand building services company can create customer commitment to your business.
Whether you’re looking for brand building – ideation from scratch or redesign an existing brand, HARBINGER GROUP will build and manage your brand so it outsmarts your competition and gets noticed by customers.
Brand building is all about implementing a strategy. We take the time to carefully craft your logo, website, merchandise, marketing and reputation, to position you at an advantage among your competitors